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School Rules
Respect | Dress Code | Consequences | Classroom Policies

We expect all students to treat others as they would like to be treated. Students are to respect themselves, other students, staff, building employees, the school and the building. There are five overarching school-wide rules to follow.

They are called the “BLUES.”

1. Be ready to learn

2. Live responsibly

3. Uphold honesty

4. Earn and give respect

5. Stay safe

Following the B.L.U.E.S means:

1. No fighting in or outside El Puente with any El Puente student even off school property

2. No drugs or drug paraphernalia

3. No weapons (includes but not limited to- gun, knife, pepper spray or any object used as a weapon)

4. Respect students, staff, visitors, materials and the building

5. No making verbal or written threats or electronic threats via the internet (i.e. Facebook or email)

6. No hats to be worn in school and only worn properly on field trips when outside.

7. No sunglasses on in the building

8. No ribbing or horseplay

9. No gambling/no dice

10. No coming to school under the influence of an illegal substance or smelling of an illegal substance

11. No gang symbols or paraphernalia

12. No tagging or graffiti on school work, building property or personal property

13. Cell phones should not be seen or heard within the school and are not to be used in school or on a field trip.

14. No sleeping in class, not doing assigned work and/or head down

15. Avoid being in restricted areas such as stairwell B, gym/basement (without permission), etc.

16. No electronic devices such as iPad, iPod, or anything that has a screen or connects to the internet.
It is up to the discretion of the staff to determine if a device is allowable in the school or classroom.

17. Be on time to class and return from lunch on time

18. No breaks in between classes and no loitering during school hours

19. Do not be out of the classroom without a pass and the classroom room pass should be used appropriately

20. Making reference to illegal or inappropriate activities is not permitted

21. No crude, vulgar or harmful language or profanity

22. No behavior that is loud and/or disruptive of the learning environment in the classroom or the school building